How to connect 2 computers through a VPN? Easily in 5 minutes.

Ponyta Link

Ideal for teleworking (telecommuting). Ponyta Link is a service that allows you to use a VPN for work from home, remote work: access the work computer from home.


Step 1 - Order a pass

Proceed to order. Once done, you will receive by email: the receipt of your payment as well as your 2 accesses to the VPN, in attachment.

Total price :

Step 2 - Installation

Download and install the WireGuard software.
NB: Perform the installation steps on your 2 computers.

Step 3 - Start the software

Open the software "WireGuard".


Step 4 - Add

Click on "Add tunnel".

Step 5 - Select the file

Select 1 of the 2 access files that you received by email following your payment.


Step 6 - Activate

Click on "Activate".

Connect 2 remote computers for 4 € / day (24 hours)

Simple and Fast!

How to connect to a remote computer? Use Ponyta Link.

One of the ways to connect 2 computers is to use a VPN network. The computers are linked together on the same private and secure network. This allows you to make computers communicate with each other, using software or applications: SMB file transfer and sharing, screen sharing, RDP remote desktop, VNC, web server, network games, LAN messaging, professional software ...

Ponyta Link allows you to connect 2 computers to each other, so that you can use all your network applications.

With the Ponyta Link service you have a stable and fast VPN network, ideally located to offer a very good connection speed to the countries of Latin America: West Indies, Caribbean, Central America, South America, and also North America.

Some advantages: low latency*, supports roaming (change of network connection: wifi, ethernet, mobile internet), bypasses ISP port blocking, allows incoming internet connections.

* : Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Caribbean Netherlands, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sint Maarten, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, United States, United States Virgin Islands, Uruguay, Venezuela

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